Electric Anti-Ice System

Ideal for spraying de-icing liquid with trucks, pick ups, etc.

De-icer liquid spreader

System for dispensing antifreeze on the road and preventing the formation of ice

The Anti-Ice Buyers are completely independent and ultra-durable, the main structure is high-density and UV-resistant Polyethylene, which gives the anti-ice robustness and lightness.

Corrosion resistant, allows the use of any type of antifreeze liquid mixture.
The product is commonly used for road pre-treatment and road ice/snow control.
The large capacity of the tanks allows them to cover long stretches of road.

Easily mounts to trucks and trucks.

Available in four models:

  1. 6190120 Capacity Lt 210
  2. 6190150 Capacity Lt 800
  3. 6190160 Capacity Lt 1230
  4. 6190170 Capacity Lt 2100

Optional: Hose reel with adjustable portable spray nozzle for sidewalks, shelters and hard to reach areas.

Lama da neve MDII particolare 2
Lama da neve MDII particolare 2
Electric spreader for kubota

Standard equipment

● ON/OFF control
● Anti UV tank
● Electric motor for 12V pump
● Delivery bar complete with 9 adjustable nozzles
● Anchor straps
● Instruction booklet

Why choose a Buyers ANTI-ICE SYSTEM?

Electric drive

The engine of the spreader is powered by the battery of the vehicle on which it is mounted and the control brought to the cab

Ease of maintenance

The nozzles are adjustable and can be easily removed to simplify cleaning and maintenance operations

Effective and cheap

Buyers Products Electric De-Icing System offers an economical and efficient option for preventing roadways from icing



Maintenance and spare parts

Maintenance is simple and we provide technical assistance.

Our spare parts warehouse in MODENA is equipped with all possible pieces that can be replaced over time.

We guarantee shipping in 24/48 hours

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