WB Walk Behind Spreaders

Ideal for Sidewalks, Driveways, Parking Lots, Apartments/Condominiums

Push salt spreader

Walk Behind Salt Spreader

Walk Behind Salt Spreader with large 13″ pneumatic wheels and hopper with 45 liter capacity.

Useful for distributing salt on sidewalks, driveways, courtyards of condominiums, hospitals, schools, companies, shops, etc.

The spreading of the material is obtained by pushing the salt spreader by the operator, the quantity of salt spreading, on the other hand, is regulated by a lever with different positions.

In addition to spreading salt, it can also be used as a practical sand spreader, manure spreader, fertilizer spreader and gravel spreader.

Available in two versions:
WB155BG 45 lt.
WB400 95 lt.

Lama da neve MDII 1
Lama da neve MDII particolare 2
Lama da neve MDII particolare 3

Standard equipment

● Anti-corrosion Polyethylene hopper
● Lever salt quantity variator
● Powder coated steel structure
● Adjustable Polyethylene deflectors
● 30 cm diameter inflatable wheels
● Stainless steel reducer
● Polyethylene reducer cover with grease nipple
● Cover sheet
● Instruction booklet

Why choose a WB Spreader?

Material versatility

The WB manual push salt spreader is not only useful for distributing salt, but also sand, seeds, manure, fertilizer, limestone, etc.

Durability and Resistance

Corrosion resistant hopper, gears protected by a housing with an integrated grease nipple, ensure a long product life

Easy to use

Equipped with a flow regulator which facilitates use. Supplied with a practical nylon cover which keeps the material dry and easy to spread.



Maintenance and spare parts

Maintenance is simple and we provide technical assistance.

Our spare parts warehouse in MODENA is equipped with all possible pieces that can be replaced over time.

We guarantee shipping in 24/48 hours

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