MDII Snow Plow

To be mounted on Pick Ups, Commercial Vehicles, Porter, Bremach, etc

Lama da neve per pick up

Electro-hydraulically operated snow plow

Single sector snow plow blade with a single transversal arm and single parallelogram equipped with a pin, for quick coupling to the chassis of the vehicle.
Reinforced blade with steel rods, welded, the rolling is in stainless steel.

Hydraulic cylinders allow a precise positioning movement both for vertical movement and lateral movements with maximum precision up to a maximum inclination of 36°

Available in three versions:

  • MD 68: blade width mm. 2000 working width mm.1750 height mm. 610
  • MD 75: blade width mm. 2280 working width mm. 1980 height 610 mm
  • MD 80: blade width mm. 2430 working width mm. 2150 height 610 mm

Safety systems
The steel springs are adjusted to cushion frontal impacts by overturning the blade when there are collisions with rigid elements such as hatches, sidewalks, etc. The springs, after overcoming obstacles, automatically reposition the blade in its working position.
To cushion the lateral impacts, the blade is equipped with overpressure valves, which act on the hydraulic steering cylinders.

Lama da neve MDII 1
Lama da neve MDII particolare 2
Lama da neve MDII particolare 3

Standard equipment

● Stainless steel blade
● KIT – Blade control panel and wiring cables
● Powder coated steel structure
● Side safety flags
● Depth lights
● Adjustable parking foot
● Steel springs
● Spring safety system
● 2 Adjustable slides
● Mounting bracket
● Instruction booklet

Why choose MDII?

Electric drive

The hydraulic pump of the snow plow is powered by the battery of the vehicle on which it is mounted

Quick assembly

Quick coupling system via a pin, manually operated

Easy to use

The controls in the cab are simple to use even with gloves. The controller allows you to access all blade functions with one hand.



Maintenance and spare parts

Maintenance is simple and we provide technical assistance.

Our spare parts warehouse in MODENA is equipped with all possible pieces that can be replaced over time.

We guarantee shipping in 24/48 hours

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