ATVS Spreader

Ideal for spreading salt, seeds, fertilizers with Quads, lawnmowers, UTVs, small tractors

Electric spreader for quads

Electric spreader for quads and garden tractors

The ATVS Series SaltDogg® spreaders are fully self-contained and ultra-durable, the main structure is in anti-corrosion Polyethylene. The robust design allows the use of salt or a salt/sand mix. They are easily mounted on small vehicles.

In addition to spreading salt, it can also be used as a practical sand spreader, manure spreader, fertilizer spreader and gravel spreader.

Available in two versions:
ATVS15A 60 lt.
ATVS16 60 lt. with tow hook bracket

Electric spreader for quads
Lama da neve MDII particolare 2
Electric spreader for kubota

Standard equipment

● Anti-corrosion Polyethylene hopper
● Mounting bracket
● On / off switch
● Polyethylene cover
● Polyethylene disc
● Manually adjustable doser
● Deflector

Why choose an ATVS Spreader?

Electric drive

The spreader motor is powered by the battery of the vehicle on which it is mounted

Material versatility

This spreader is a multipurpose device that distributes salt, fertilizer, seed, feed, sand, limestone, etc.

Easy to use

Vertical mounting allows the user to easily control the controls from the seat of their ATV, without having to leave the vehicle



Maintenance and spare parts

Maintenance is simple and we provide technical assistance.

Our spare parts warehouse in MODENA is equipped with all possible pieces that can be replaced over time.

We guarantee shipping in 24/48 hours

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