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Salt Spreaders

Salt spreader comparison table

Electric Salt spreader comparison table

We have available for immediate delivery salt spreader models for mounting on Quads, Pick-ups, off-road vehicles, vans, trucks and agricultural equipment.
You can also find manual salt spreaders, handy and suitable for sidewalks, yards, bike paths, ideal for condominiums, commercial activities and public administrations.
In addition to spread salt, can also be used as sand spreaders, manure spreaders, fertilizer spreaders, gravel spreaders.

Salt Spreaders

SaltDogg by Buyers electric Salt Spreaders, with Pick Up, Truck, Porter and SUV connections

Deicing liquid system

Tanks and mechanisms for spreading deicing fluids on Pick Up and trucks.
Deicing liquid system

Self-loading salt spreaders

Self-loading salt spreaders, with attachments for tractors and agricultural machinery
Self-loading salt spreaders SHDR

Spreaders for Quad

Electric SaltDogg by Buyers Salt Spreader, with Quad connections
ATV15 Spreaders 

Manual salt Spreaders

Manual salt spreader, small and handy for bike paths, sidewalks and walkways
Manual salt Spreaders WB100B