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Self-loading SHDR Salt Spreader

Ideal for spreading salt with tractors and machinery

Self-loading SHDR Salt Spreader

Self-loading SHDR Salt Spreader

Self-loading salt spreader with rotating plate, with salt spreading controlled by the operator; through the use of a simple joystick located in the cab – next to the operator – the two joysticks spread the salt where you want to (or posteriorly or laterally or in both directions due to the effect of cylinders) and in the desired quantity.

The salt spreader consists of a self-loading hopper inside which there is a rotating shaft that breaks up any blocks formed. Below the hopper there is the movable rotating stainless steel part consists of flat with shaped blades.

Applied to the third point of the tractor the loading takes place by means of a single-acting cylinder.

Painted with two coats of enamel RAL 2011 previously treated with bi-component epoxy antirust primer with high resistance to wear.

Capacity from 600 to 1500 lit with radius spreading to a max 7 m and distance indicative of spreading from 10/30 km for the 600 model to 15/50 km ml for the 1500 model.

In addition to spreading salt, it can also be used as a sand spreader, manure spreader, fertilizer spreader, gravel spreader.

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